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Hebei Newcorn Food Co., Ltd.

steamed bread ,frozen stuffed bun, cereal foods , instand foods , take away f...

Monday,Jun 18, 2018
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Steamed Lotus Leaf Cake
Product Type: 25g/piece, 1500g/bag*4bags
List of Ingredients: wheat flour, water, white sugar, milk powder, yeast, food additives 【Distribution of leavening agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate, glucose acid-delta-fat, calcium carbonate, corn starch, salt, citric acid ), Diacetyl tartaric acid and diglycerides, Vitamin C, edible essence】
Steamed Stuffed Bun with Mushroom and Vegetable
Specification:  30g/pc, 50g/pc, 100g/pc; 1500g/bag*4bags;86g/pc, 600g/bag*12bags
List of Ingredients: wheat flour, water, chinese cabbage, mushroom, beancurd strips, vegetable oil, white sugar, starch, salt, MSG,&nb... [More Information]
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